When you know the name of a content item, you can use the Filter field to find it.

See how to find specific content items inside the app.

Watch the example below to find content items that contain “coffee” in their name.

Filtering content items by name works well when you know exactly what you’re looking for. Sometimes you might not know what content has been assigned to you. That’s when the left-side filtering options come to the rescue.

Filtering in content inventory

Let’s say you’d like to find all content items that are ready for you to approve. Combine the left-side filters and:

  1. Select Ready for approval and Approved in the Workflow step filter group.
  2. Choose your name in the Contributors filter group (as John Fox is selected in the animation below).

Now you can see all the items assigned to you and waiting for you to approve and those you have already approved.

If you want to find content according to other criteria, you can also refine the list of content items by:

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