Comments make it easy for your whole team to collaborate. For example, you can discuss each piece of content individually.

Adding comments

See how to comment inline inside the app.

Let’s select a portion of text and comment on it by clicking Add comment. Within every comment, you've got 1,000 characters to express yourself. 

If you see highlighted text (in yellow) in an element, it means there is a comment attached to it. Click the highlighted text to see the comment. You can either continue the discussion by replying to the comment or mark it as resolved once the discussion is over.

Editing comments

To edit a comment:

  1. Click More actions (⋮) and select Edit.
  2. Start editing the comment.
  3. Click Done (Ctrl + Enter) to post the changes or Cancel (Esc) to discard them. 

Please note that you cannot delete a posted comment.

Hiding comments

You can hide comments to have more space for authoring content:

  1. Click More actions (⋮) on the comment card.
  2. Select Hide all comments.

You can also hide all comments from the More actions (⋮) menu of the entire content item (in the top right corner). Click highlighted text to bring the comments back.

Finding comments

If you need to find an old comment, you can still check the whole comment history and see which comments were resolved by whom and which haven’t been resolved yet.

Just switch to the Comments tab in the right panel.

TIP: You can also comment on assets or start a new discussion about your content item as a whole on the Comments tab.


And don’t worry about your team members not noticing your comments—they will be notified by email when you add a new comment to the content items that are assigned to them.

Note that the email delivery might take around 10 to 15 minutes after someone adds the last comment. This is because we want to avoid spamming your mailbox with each new comment. Instead, we'll send all the new comments as a group in a single email.

Learn how to assign content items to your colleagues.

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