When reviewing content, you might want to know who has made changes to the content and when they did so. You might even want to revert your content back to a previous version.  You can do all that in each content item.

The Revisions tab in the far-right panel gives you a complete overview of who has updated what and when. You can go through each revision and see how a content item looked at a specific moment.

Kentico Cloud creates a new revision of a content item when:

  • You change workflow of the content item.
  • You make changes to content after not working on the item for 30 minutes.
  • Someone else on your project makes changes to the content of the item.

Thanks to revisions, you don’t need to worry about your content getting accidentally overwritten or deleted as you can always restore any previous revision.

See how to work with revisions inside the app.

Restoring revisions

To restore a revision of a content item:

  1. Click the Revisions tab in the right panel. 
  2. Choose the revision you want to restore.
  3. Click the Restore this revision link in the blue status bar at the bottom.

Note: You cannot restore a content item if its current workflow step is Published. You need to create a new version of the content item or unpublish it first. To learn more, see Unpublishing content vs. Creating new versions.

Comparing revisions

Toggle Compare differences to visually compare two revisions of a content item. For more information, see Comparing different versions of your content.

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