The Asset content element serves as a placeholder for your files. You can upload files (such as images, documents, and PDFs) or select already existing ones from your asset list.

See how to attach assets to content items inside the app.

Adding new assets

To add a new asset, drag & drop a file to the area of an Asset content element. Or click browse to select a file from your hard drive.

Kentico Cloud automatically puts the new file in your project’s asset list. The asset list contains all assets from the whole project.

Note that we don't limit the number of uploaded assets or their size. For details about the total amount of asset data you can store, please see our Fair Use Policy.

Adding existing assets

To add one or more existing assets:

  1. Click Pick from Asset library.
  2. Choose the assets you want to add.
  3. Click Insert in the bottom right corner.

Removing assets

You can remove an asset by clicking Remove (✕) in the top right corner.

Note: When you remove an asset from Asset elements, the asset itself is still kept in your project's asset list of your project.

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