Kentico Cloud automatically tracks activities of your visitors (such as page visits and form submits). But you can also define your own custom activities like clicking a link, signing up for a newsletter or watching a video. 

Defining a custom activity

To create a custom action in your project:

  1. From the app menu, choose Project settings.
  2. Under Contact tracking, choose Activity tracking.
  3. Click Create new Custom activity.
  4. Name your custom activity, for example, "Clicked facebook icon".
  5. Click Save.

Each custom activity is given a codename that your developers can use to track it on your website. For more details, point them to our Developer Hub.

Whenever one of your contacts performs a custom action, you will see it in the contact's profile.

Defining custom activities allows you to use them as segmentation rules. For more details, see Creating segments of your visitors.

Deleting custom activities

Click Edit and then Delete to delete a custom activity. 

You cannot delete activities that are used as a rule in a segment definition. Previously tracked activities will be irretrievably removed from the database. The deletion of tracked activities from the Personalization API may be delayed by several hours.

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