Before you can start writing content, you need to define at least one content type. Content types serve as templates for content items so that each item has a predefined structure.

Moreover, once the content is approved and finished, you can rely on its structure when submitting the content to various content management systems.

Each content type consists of multiple content and auxiliary elements, which are essential pieces that you mix and match to create different content types.

See how to create content types inside the app.

Creating content types

To create a content type:

  1. From the app menu, choose Content models.
  2. Click Create new.
  3. Type a name for the content type.
  4. Drag & drop a few content elements as needed.
    Tip: You can also add the elements by clicking.
  5. Click Save.

Configuring elements

When defining a content type, you can configure any of its elements by clicking the Show configuration icon.

Each element you add is optional by default and can be set as required in its configuration options. Content contributors will then know which elements they need to fill in when working with content items.

Removing elements

You can remove any element from a content type at any time, even when the content type is used by a content item.

Warning: This action is not reversible. Removing an element from a content type removes the element across all content items with all data.

Deleting content types

If you want to delete a content type that is already used for any components or content items, you need to delete the content first.

To delete a content type:

  1. From the app menu, choose Content models.
  2. Use the check-boxes to select the content types you want to delete.
  3. Click Delete.

The content type is now removed and cannot be restored.

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